How did ESI get started?

Read all about us on ESI's About Us page!

How many years has ESI been in business?

Since 1999 

Are all of your products made in the USA?

Yes! From our Grips to our Bar Plugs, everything we sell is made in the USA.

How can I contact ESI?

Phone: 760-948-9100 | Email: | Mail: PO Box 294147, Phelan, CA 92329.

Does ESI guarantee its products?

Yes! Your ESI product is guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free from manufacturing or workmanship defects for a period of 30 days from the date of its original purchase. Simply call us and explain the defect and we will authorize the proper exchanges. When purchasing from ESI you're guaranteed to receive quality products.

Do ESI grips contain any Latex/Rubber?

ESI's Silicone Grips and End Caps do not contain any natural rubber or natural rubber latex in its components or ingredients. 

Why is there no tread pattern or logo on ESI grips?

ESI believes logos should be at the end of your bar and tread patterns belong on your tires, not on your grips. Silicone contours to the shape of your hand. It is like having a custom mold of your hand every time you grab your bars.

Can I order custom lengths of grip?

Yes! Contact sales at or 760-948-9100.  

Can I order over the phone?

Yes! Call sales at 760-948-9100 Monday-Friday 8-4 PST.

Can I pay by Check or Money Order?

Yes! Email sales at with your order and shipping address. Sales will calculate your shipping charges, confirm your order and email you an invoice. Please print out invoice and mail along with Check or Money Order to: PO Box 294147, Phelan, CA 92329. Your order will not be shipped until the Check or Money Order has cleared.

What size grip should I buy?

Grips are personal preference, there is no right or wrong size, it is what feels best to you. ESI does recommend the Chunky style for grips shift because of the transition. 

What is the best way to install ESI MTB Grips?

Clean handle bars. Press in End Caps. Using Rubbing Alcohol or Window cleaner clean inside of ESI MTB grips, wet bar and inside of grip, slide onto bar. Rotate grip to have the thicker side towards palm. Let dry for 24 hours.  

Can I remove ESI grips?

Yes! Slide a screw driver with a dulled point (or something similar) under grip (careful not to scratch bar or stretch grip), squirt Rubbing Alcohol, Window cleaner or water under grip, twist grip off bar. Clean inside of grip with Rubbing Alcohol or Window cleaner and reinstall. If you have access to a compressor just blow them off.

Will ESI MTB grips work for Grip Shift?

Yes! You can cut ESI grips with sharp scissors, utility knife, pipe cutter, etc. Hold next to your bar and cut leaving an extra 1/8” in length. We recommend Chunky style for a smooth transition to your shifter.  

Will ESI grips work on my Gym Equipment?

Yes! You can place an order for custom sizes. Contact sales at or 760-948-9100. 

How can I find a store that carries ESI products?

Go to our Distributors Page and contact the distributor in your countries for a list of Dealers. 

How can I become an ESI dealer?

Contact Sales at 760-948-9100 and we will set up your account over the phone. Note: Ask us about our web ordering incentive.

I have a Bicycle Rental store; do you sell OEM?

Yes! Call sales at 760-948-9100. 

Do you Sponsor any racers or clubs?

Yes! Visit our Sponsorship Page.

What do you do with my email address?

We do not spam nor do we give out or sell your information. We only use your email if there is information you need to know about your order. You can contact us at

Does ESI go to any Races or Events?

Yes! Our Facebook lists Races and Events we attend. 


The bar ends that came with my grips are too big for my bars.

Using a utility knife lay your end cap on its logo, cut the ridges off in 4 places. The smaller the bar the more you cut off.

The bar ends that came with my grips are too small for my bars.

Wrap our Silicone Tape (or electrical tape) around the rings of your end cap and install.

I crashed and chunked out the end of my grip.

Repair the grip with some of our silicone bonding Silicone Tape to prevent further tearing!

I crashed and now the tip of my grip moves.

Remove Grip and wash inside with Rubbing Alcohol or Window cleaner until there is no debris or dirt in grip. Wash bar and reinstall grips. Note: If grip still moves then the silicone has been stretched. If you do not have grip shift remove grip and reinstall placing the stretched area on inside of bar.

I put my grips on and they are moving.

Remove Grips. Using Rubbing Alcohol or Window Cleaner, clean the inside of your grips. Clean your bars. Reinstall your grips with Rubbing Alcohol. Note: If your grips still move contact ESI immediately at (760) 948-9100.

If you have a problem that has not been addressed, please email us at or call 760-948-9100

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